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Carlton Samuels, through his organization Grace Unlimited Missions (Missions Jamaica), has been managing and organizing mission trips to Jamaica, through his network of administrators, pastors, School Principals, teachers and volunteers. Carlton Samuels has been able to help make life a little easier for thousands of the less fortunate people in Jamaica by ensuring that the people who really love and want to help them. The missionaries have a comfortable and fruitful stay in the Island as they fulfill the Great Commission. For your Jamaica mission trip, Missions Jamaica offers a holistic approach to Missions Management. This ranges from finding suitable projects for teams, clearing donations from the wharf to providing special meals for team members on a restricted diet or those with physical challenges. We go the extra mile! Some of our clients include: the Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region, Glory Unlimited Ministries, Sterling United Methodist Church, Sterling Virginia etc.
“The combination of your thorough knowledge of the culture, places, key people contacts, resourcefulness and CAN DO ATTITUDE helps us to create unique experiences for our team members with little sweat on our part. Whether small or large, you handle every team the same way … with a smile and that signature “NO PROBLEM MON” approach.” – Dorothy White, Founder & President, God’s Glory Unlimited International Ministries.